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My healing work supports moving anything that stands in the way of Truth— the truth that connects us all to the source of absolutely everything—Source Creator God. Through my healing work, Alchemy,  I support clients in clearing blockages to remember that they are Word Divinity in Form—an extension of Source Creator God—Perfect in every way. I stand for a planet where every soul has access to its information. As we access more divine information, we can heal, create, and grow in conjunction with our soul’s purpose. It is from this space that I create my soul-guided pieces of art that are one-of-a-kind and unique to you. There is creativity in each of us!  Last year I taught Alchemy of Creativity Lab, where students learn to create with joy, love, grace while receiving bundles of healing along the 4-week course.  Starting April 1st, 2022, I will be teaching a new class, Exploring the Power of Your Mind and Beyond.  A journey into remembrance; this class will support students to expand their minds while creating in the now.  To psychically move beyond the mind and into a realm of infinite potential while gaining gifts of healing information. Join me in creativity! Join me in healing! Join me in creation! Join me in the journey of remembrance.

Classes and Services

I work with clients, in group setting, privately or through my art.  Striving to provide services of the highest integrity catered specifically to their needs for healing and spiritual evolution.  Join me for any of the services provided below.

The Alchemy of Creativity Lab created & taught by Nicole Naum has been one of the most Powerful Classes I have experienced! Not only does it provide an opportunity to play through multiple forms of creativity, but it is also a very Powerful Healing. Nicole’s ability to read energy & transform the blocks that come up along the way (old stories, judgment, fear, etc.) take Her Classes to a whole new level.
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Kat Gibson

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