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More About Me

Born and raised in Switzerland, I came to the United States in my early teens. I was somewhat of a dreamer, often accused of not knowing what was happening around me, with my head in the clouds. The truth is, I was never preoccupied much with the outside world. I always had a connection with Source God - which would often evolve into entire conversations filled with images and visions. I was initially unaware that most others did not experience sharing the same space with Spirit. The more conscious I became of this, the less I openly shared with others what I saw until I stopped speaking of it entirely.   
In my adult life a very unexpected medical diagnosis appeared, breast cancer. My soul told me not to be scared that breast cancer would not kill me. And it was true.  What I didn’t know at the time was that things were about to change my world drastically. And that was the beginning of a compelling journey—a journey I would later recognize as a gift.
In one of the darkest moments, I was reminded of my connection to the Light – of my Light, the same Light we all share. I was reminded of the ability the Light has to illuminate the darkest of spaces, the same space I thought I’d permanently fallen into. I needed the experience to remember that what I had been searching for out there was always inside of me.  I know I was gifted through this health experience and allowed to remember my union to Source. I had not realized it then, but I was embarking on a journey of divine spiritual awakening. As I began to surrender what was keeping me from my Truth, my connection of divine communication was reignited stronger than event.
Now I do what I love by helping others connect to their information and soul, all while continuing my spiritual journey. More than ever, it is essential to have clear Knowing, to be able to make choices without doubt or fear, that support our highest good based on our soul’s information. The ability to do this is something we all can access. I can’t wait to work with you and support your access to this space!

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