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Alchemy Healings

Remote or via Zoom

Everything is energy. The space that is around us is a space of creation, specifically the area that is around our body, extending a foot around us. The energy in this space connects us to the quantum field, and it is how we communicate to the field that impacts what we create and attract. The creation process is spoken and thought into 'being' every moment of our existence. That is how powerful we are. Every last one of us has divine channels of communication.
Remote Healings and Remote Healing Video Calls are accessed through this same space of creation. Through the quantum field, I access the field or energy of a specific soul, per the agreements between myself and your soul. I then am able support healing by clearing the divine channels of communication, alchemize low frequencies, gift the body(ies) to help raise the frequency, and providing upgrades as your soul requires. All of this, along with so much more, is provided to support the needed evolution of the soul.

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