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Exploring the Power of Your Mind and Beyond

Many of you have asked me in the past to share what I see as a clairvoyant. The truth is that I don’t see everything. Rather, I see what my soul knows is essential for me to see - what will support my journey and what will support powerful teaching.

The journey of spiritual evolution and self-realization is in alignment with the collective agreement to raise the consciousness of the planet. It is what many refer to as the "Second Wave."

On April 1st, I founded a class called Exploring the Power of Your Mind and Beyond – shortened to “Your Mind.” This class supports your journey through visualization and the many aspects of clairvoyance that are not always openly discussed.

Visualization is the key to synchronizing the personality and soul as we walk through life. Energy landscapes continue to evolve uniquely and differently for each of us; visualization supports us in seeing ourselves with clarity as rising above the blocks along the way.

This class aims to explore the infinite creative potential available through visualization as we free the mind of our limitations and perceptions. Lessons are broken down into journeys that offer a deeper understanding of energetic messages we receive. We work to alter our perception, remove frames and spells, and address any of the energetic blocks that get in our way by connecting participants to their souls through ongoing alchemy healings and soul downloads.

Ultimately, the goal is to remember our union to the Light - remembering the powerful creators we are and to live life with more joy, love in union to the light of all things.

Come join us.

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